Where Do We Go (from here)…

Where Do We Go (from here)…


“… We have eyes as well as ears, and it is our business while we are alive to use them”.
John Cage


Concept and sound, reConvert (Lorenzo Colombo & Roberto Maqueda)
Visuals, Milena Pafundi & Efe Ce Ele



Where does the necessity of developing an online project lie, and is it possible to find conditions that are at the same time artistical and ontological? We have often wondered about the value of online events replacing normal artistic activity during the Covid-19 period. One of the interesting aspects that arisen is that often the necessity resides in administrative, economic, and not strictly artistic issues. What we want to propose is a format where digital interaction is the first axiom of necessity for the existence of the project itself. We realized that very often, online concerts force the listener to a passive position, decontextualized from space and time. This creates a total discrepancy with the real world where, in fact, every action taken by a user has a consequence on the web. We therefore wondered about the possibility of creating a dimension where the participant is not a passive part, but a necessity for the existence of the artistic product itself.

The project took place at the IN/OUT Festival, as part of its program for 2021 edition. In a way, access to online content happens at any time wherever you find yourself on the globe, that’s why the project was running for 48 hours non-stop.


Website: http://wdwg.art

Milena Pafundi: http://milenapafundi.com

Efe Ce Ele: http://efeceele.com

IN/OUT Festival: http://in-outfestival.com