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Emerging from the evolving landscape of contemporary and new music events, reConvert’s productions have come to symbolize a new identity that defies conventional labels, raising aesthetic questions that transcend traditional boundaries, and focusing on collaborative efforts among interdisciplinary artists.


Fuelled by a fervent desire to challenge conventions, our mission is to infuse a breath of fresh air into the music scene, aiming to create a wave of creativity that resonates far beyond the stage. At the heart of our agency’s ethos lies a commitment to nurturing emerging and established talents, as we collaborate with a spectrum of creative minds who share our vision and commitment.

The innovative projects undertaken by reConvert refuse to be confined by singular adjectives, inviting a diverse range of interpretations. In tune with this goal, reConvert is dedicated to forging deep and ongoing connections with a variety of local and international creators such as Kaj Duncan David, Alexander Schubert, Simon Steen- Andersen, Michael Maierhof, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Fernando Manassero, and Luciano Azzigotti, among others. reConvert is based in Basel, Switzerland.

Roberto Maqueda, Artistic Director

Flor Medina, Producer Manager


Coming from percussion, Roberto identifies himself as an heterodox artist interested in avant-garde creation connected to electronic worlds and digital art; as well as new forms of communication and their implementation in the sound scene of our time. Some crucial  influences have been Christian Dierstein, Fred Frith, Håkon Stene, or Steven Schick. He is based in Basel (CH).

His main projects in the last years have been reConvert or y-band. Most recently he has become Artistic Co-Director of FOG (Festival offener Genres), a creative-hub in Basel. He was awarded with the Young Creation Award 2017 of INJUVE (Spanish Government). In his work is crucial the reflection on the collaborative creative methods, contained in 10staements.com, a project developed together with Jennifer Torrence. He is Co-director of the EXIT Festival, which takes place in Montevideo (Uruguay).

He has been part of the program “Young Artists Promises” of the ULYSSES Platform. He has been presented at SONICA, Manifeste or MaerzMusik.


Mikołaj Rytowski is a percussionist, performer, and improviser based in Basel, Switzerland. His practice departs from the conventional understanding of percussion as a musical instrument and instead engages with sound and creativity through more organic and innovative means.
Mikołaj in his work focuses on composer-performer collaboration, where apart from presenting work, he engages in process of its creation. As creator and improviser, he continuously explores percussion and electronic instruments possibilities, investigating routes for new combinations and sonic discoveries.
He has performed across Europe with many notable artists and groups, having an opportunity to play on such festivals as ManiFeste Paris, Time of Music Viitasaari, Warsaw Autumn, Gaudeamus, Sanatorium of Sound Skolowsko, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Rümlingen Festival, Zeiträume Basel, impuls. Academy for Contemporary Music, Darmstadt Summer Course, Luzern Festival.

Rytowski will join reConvert for the performance of Plerome (Luciano Azzigotti), and Human User Interface (Andreas Eduardo Frank + reConvert)


Miguel Ángel García Martín (*1989, Zamora) is a percussionist, performer and improviser active in a variety of contexts such as contemporary classical music, multidisciplinary performances, sound-installation and experimental music based in Basel, Switzerland.

Seeking new sound worlds, developing unconventional playing techniques and collaborating with other artists are currently the basis of his artistic praxis. Some fruitful examples are the collaboration with Swiss drummer Julian Sartorius or multiple music-theaters with e.g. Simon Steen-Andersen, Ondrej Adamek, Andreas Frank or Ole Hübner.

Garcia is an active performer in the European circuit and can be regularly seen at festivals and venues such as Biennale di Venezia, Staatsoper Berlin, ECLAT, Spielart Festival München, Klang Copenhagen or MUSICA Strasbourg.

Miguel is member of the percussion quartet ensemble this | ensemble that, Fachbetrieb Rita Grechen theater company, KvG Bottom Orchestra and Ensemble Lemniscate.

Garcia will join reConvert for the performance of Automatic Modes of Human Labour (Hugo Morales Murguia + reConvert).

Cara Billonesca