Microbeatlogic, Luciano Azzigotti

Luciano Azzigotti – microbeatlogic 
For two percussionists with amplified acrylic-semispheres and lights (2013-21)


Premiere: 31st August 2013 @ conDiT (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Duration: 40 min

In the micro percussive scale, information is processed as a magnetic field, the chirp in a tone burst and the decision of every attack as an accident occurring inside  the rattle.

mbL works on the same principle of operation of iterated resonant percussion instruments such as rattlers, maracas, bells, but on an enlarged scale. The materials emerge from the dialectic between human action and its unintended consequences ruled by physical properties of the objects inside containers as inertia, micro-resonance,  attractive  and repulsive magnetic forces.