Workshop [inter-instrumental repertoire] | III Forum of New Music (Córdoba, ARG)


 [inter-instrumental repertoire]


This workshop is offered by reConvert inside the program of the III Forum of New Music, Córdoba (ARG).  Its aim is to show reConvert’s  basics to the instrumentalists. Actually, the composition process is getting closer to the idea of non-defined instrumentalists. This kind of pieces allow to the performers the possibility performing some pieces without regard about the instrument they play. With this workshop reConvert wants to extend the capacities of the performer through the repertoire, going out of our comfort zone and exploring our own inter-instrumental spaces.

Some of the pieces that will be show and work during the workshop will be pieces by Michael Maierhof, Simon Steen-Andersen, Gonzalo Díaz-Yerro, David Kaj Duncan or Matthew Schlomowitz.

The registrations will be made through the following link:

III Forum of New Music

Córdoba, Argentina


July 22nd-29th, 2017