Steen-Andersen + reConvert

Simon Steen-Andersen – Monographic
Audiovisual concert with music by Steen-Andersen (2020*) 


Premiere: 16th April 2020 @ Tinguely Museum (Basel, Switzerland)
Duration: 75 min

What happens when reConvert, Simon Steen-Andersen and Jean Tinguely operas meet in the same space? We present a monographic program together with the acclaimed Danish composer Simon Steen- Andersen and we will see him not just in the role of composer but as well as interpreter. Together with Simon Steen-Andersen, we will work in the Basel Tinguely Museum directly on his famous machines that will become for the first time raw material for the construction and development of a musical installation.


On the program:

Run Time Error, site-specific performance audio-visual (2009)

Study for String Instrument #2, for vibes and whammy pedal (2009)

Fans Cadence, for electric fans

Asthma, for two performers and video (2017)

Megaphones Cadence, for megaphones

Study for String Instrument #3, for cello and video (2017-18)

A bit of nothing integrated, for two performers (2007-2011)