Diseño: Katherine Newton

reC_NEXO is a concert series produced by the duo reConvert project. In this first edition (2017/18) three young  spanish composers have been invited to represent- with a unique format, three different aesthetics flows of the music our times.

Charlas y conciertos

Alberto Bernal

//Lecture – Con la música a otra parte (in spanish)

5th October 2017, 19:30 h

Espacio Función-Lenguaje, Madrid



6th October 2017, 20:00h

Jardines de la Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid

Pieces by Bernal, Alvin Lucier and Tehching Hsieh.

Óscar Escudero

//Lecture – Eros, el tiempo y la pantalla (in spanish)

11th January, 19:30 h
Sala Berlanga, Madrid




12th January, 20:30 h
Sala Berlanga, Madrid

Pieces by Escudero, Andreas Frank, Simon Steen-Andersen, Gonzalo Díaz and Alexander Schubert.

Abel Paúl

//Lecture – Territorios intermedios (in spanish)

1st March 2018, 19:30h
Sala Berlanga, Madrid



2nd March 2018, 20:30h
Sala Berlanga, Madrid

Pieces by Paúl, Pisaro, Ablinger, Maierhof and Manassero.

Support by:


Sala Berlanga (SGAE)

Residencia de Estudiantes

Función Lenguaje