october, 2021

10octalldayLecture about myself, by Kaj Duncan David@COPENHAGEN

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“Lecture About Myself” is a 30-minute audiovisual performative situation in which two musicians enter into a fictive dialogue with an artificial intelligence. The latter communicates via projected text and abstract video images. The former are seated at a table in front of the projection surface. With microphones, a vocoder, synthesizers and various controllers, they ‘speak’ a strange language that is only partly intelligible. Crucially, their vocal utterances are turned into control data that is used to feed various electronic sound and light processes. What results could be positioned somewhere between an uncanny conversation with an AI (parts of which are unintelligible) and a hallucinatory/phantasmagoric radio drama.

reConvert // Lorenzo Colombo and Roberto Maqueda


All Day (Sunday)


Royal Danish Academy of Music




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